Why pay excessive legal fees? Using solicitors need not be an expensive...

Why pay excessive legal fees? Using solicitors need not be an expensive business.


Manilva SolicitorsIf you are thinking of undertaking any legal transactions, e.g. contracts, tax returns, official complaints, court claims, appeals, etc, etc. do not hesitate to request quotes in advance from different professionals and compare them. Often there are big differences between one Law office and another. Fees can vary greatly for the same legal or tax service. If you shop around for a competitively priced solicitor you will discover how true this is.
Nowadays, in these difficult times, it is more important than ever to have access to reliable and independent advice at the best price. That is precisely what we offer our clients; reasonable and affordable legal fees.
At Manilva Solicitors we are happy with the attitude of all the members of our Law Office who understand that using a solicitor need not be an expensive business. As the needs of our clients are our first priority, we try to offer the best and cheapest possible service for their benefit. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best value legal / tax services available in the Sabinillas, Duquesa and Sotogrande area.
We always inform clients in advance how much we expect our work to cost and ask the clients to compare prices. As would be expected when you buy any goods, services, etc., you would compare prices. We therefore recommend that you compare professional fees in the same way.
For instance, the typical cost for solicitors involved in the conveyance process is between 1% and 1’5% of the property purchase price (excluding VAT and expenses). Our standard fees for carrying out this work are 0’75% of the purchase price (including VAT and expenses).
We are so sure that our professional services are the best and the cheapest in the Sabinillas, Duquesa and Sotogrande area that we are happy to provide our existing clients, and potential clients, with quotes in advance without any commitment or obligation.
Should you wish to get a quote from us, free of charge and without any commitment, please contact Manilva Solicitors on 952 901 225, via e-mail on mail@manilvasolicitors.com or visit their website, www.manilvasolicitors.com
To arrange an appointment at the Sabinillas offices, you can also contact Denise Molony on Mob. 669 428 998.

Jose M. Lopez-Avalos
Manilva Solicitors

Published in The Resident newspaper – November 2011 issue