The Ups and Downs of Andalucian rugby

The Ups and Downs of Andalucian rugby


U16 - Captain Tomas Munilla surrounded by his teamU16 – Captain Tomas Munilla surrounded by his team

U14 – Marbella 35 Vs 0 Granada

The U14s ran in trys from Miguel Goizueta, Dennis Pflantz (2) & Federico Valles (2) with all the conversions taken by Miguel Goizueta before the end of the first half. With the official match ending once a team has reached a 30 point winning margin, the second half saw Marbella bring on the rest of their players to play a friendly against the visitors. In this session trys were scored by Tain Jarvis, Ike Irusta, Joshua King, Ignacio Noorbergen, Jose Luis Hinojosa and Axel Clark and meant everyone got to experience match play.

U14, Ignacio Noorbergen & Tain JarvisU14, Ignacio Noorbergen and Tain Jarvis

U16 – Marbella 112 Vs 0 Granada

The U16 ran in 20 trys against Granada on Saturday which means they still lead their league table and are looking to continue to the Andalucia semifinals once again this season. The team are continuing to improve in their match play and are working together as a team both in attack and defense.

Trys: Carlos Martin, Jaime Tirado (3), Tomas Munilla (2), Lucas Bianchi (2), Andres Masuyama (3), Yako Irusta, Benjamin Gold, Mateo Caceres, Ricardo Oliva (4), Indra Rubiales (2)
Conversions: Benjamin King (3) & Andres Masuyama (3)
Team: 1. Tadeo Aguilera, 2. Oscar Cruz, 3. Ruben Mendaña, 4. Thiago Pesaresi, 5 Francisco Dirassar, 6. Benjamin Gold, 7. Tomas Mallmann, 8. Mateo Caceres, 9. Tomas Munilla, 10. Andres Masuyama, 11. Yako Irusta, 12. Benjamin King, 13. Carlos Martin, 14. Lucas Bianchi, 15. Jaime Tirado
Bench: Alex Vallejo, Indra Rubiales, Ricardo Oliva, Adam Wilson Barnes

Andalucia U18 – Andalucia 20 Vs 26 Madrid

Andalucia U21 – Andalucia 5 Vs 6 Madrid

Andalucia U21 - Marbella player Daniel Camarero with the ballAndalucia U21 – Marbella player Daniel Camarero with the ball

The U18 and U21 Andalucia squads were in La Cartuja, Sevilla this Sunday to play in their decider matches against Madrid to see if they were to go through to the Final of the Regional Championship of Spain or the 3rd/4th Play off. Sadly, although they were both the better teams on the day both teams lost in the dying seconds of their matches. The U18s lost when the Madrid winger intercepted a long pass to score a converted try and the U21s had a last gasp penalty awarded against them which was converted for victory.

Players from Marbella U18: Ryan Edwards, Oscar and Javier Garcia de la Peña, Henry and Sam Parry, Christian King, Marco Spinetti, Toby Francis and Jaime Ross

Player from Marbella U21: Daniel Camarero

Andalucia U18 - Marbella player and try scorer Christian KingAndalucia U18 – Marbella player and
try scorer Christian King


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