The Mancomunidad distributes some 8,000 items of sports equipment to raise awareness...

The Mancomunidad distributes some 8,000 items of sports equipment to raise awareness of recycling


The president of the Union of Western Costa del Sol Municipalities (Mancomunidad), Margarita del Cid, announced that the institution will distribute approximately 8,000 items of sports equipment among municipalities as part of a recycling awareness campaign.

“The Mancomunidad has a long history in the area of environmental awareness, which is why organizations like ECOEMBES, who have financed this campaign, support us in these initiatives that have a real impact on society”, explained Del Cid at a recent press conference.

This time it was decided to link the campaign with sporting activities “which perfectly embody values such as commitment and respect, which are crucial to the care of our environment” said the Mancomunidad’s President.

Therefore, the 8,000 items of sports equipment will be distributed amongst the 11 municipalities that comprise the Mancomunidad of Western Costa del Sol Municipalities, along with some 68,000 leaflets. “The items will be provided to schools and sports schools, providing the broadest possible distribution of the equipment”, stated Del Cid. The equipment includes: 1,200 footballs, 1,460 basketballs, and 5,300 sports bibs.

The leaflets, provide information about recycling of paper in the blue containers; packaging containers in the yellow, etc.

“The Mancomunidad’s governing council believe that this initiative will have a particular effect on young people, who tend to be more linked to sporting activities”, said Del Cid, stating that “this way we instill a respect for the environment in these youngsters from an early age.”

This campaign, funded by ECOEMBES, is part of a programme of activities that have proved very effective, with information in print, radio and television, working with Solmarina 2014, the acquisition of materials for the classroom at the Casares Recycling Centre,l and the distribution of plastic ashtrays to beachgoers, among others.

“The Mancomunidad will continue to work to ensure that respect for the environment remains a top priority in our day-to-day management, and also between the residents of the Costa del Sol, so that together we continue to care for the beautiful surroundings that make up this the Malaga coast,” concluded the president of the Mancomunidad of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol.

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