Terrace tax hike in Manilva

Terrace tax hike in Manilva



Businesses in Manilva have seen the taxes levied for tables and chairs on public pavements and terraces increased over fifteenfold in some areas.

The new regulations published in Malaga’s Official Provincial Bulletin (BOP) state that the charges which up until this year were 3.5 euros per square metre per annum will now be charged at (per square metre per annum):  In the Poligono – 9.2 euros; Manilva – up to 23.1 euros; El Castillo – up to 21 euros. In Sabinillas – up to 31.5, depending on which area; El Hacho – up to 43.18 euros; and in the Port (wait for it) a whopping 50.4 euros.

Not only tables and chairs are covered by these charges, newly introduced regulations also require payment for blackboards, A-boards, vending machines, and even canopies will now incur taxation.

The Town Hall have stated that these new charges are to bring them into line with other municipalities as well as to raise much-needed revenue. In an attempt to soften the blow the Town Hall have introduced a payment scheme to allow these taxes to be paid in instalments.

Unsurprisingly many local businesses have responded with astonishment and anger at the way these  hikes have been introduced, at a time when many of them are struggling.