Tarifa International Beach Polo Championships 2014

Tarifa International Beach Polo Championships 2014


On 27–28 September acclaimed polo players and supporters will head to Tarifa for the first International Beach Polo Championships. Usually known as the mecca for kite and  windsurfing the white sands of Tarifa have been discovered by polo enthusiasts as the optimum location for beach polo. Tarifa is also easily accessible, with good local infrastructure and support, combined with the natural draw and mystique of the historic town.

This year 4 polo teams of 3 players will take part in the 2 day event. Spectators are more than welcome to watch the polo action. Beach polo rules are similar to the conventional game that is played on grass but it is easier to follow as it is played on a smaller pitch. The event has attracted good sponsors such as McLaren, Sunseeker, Oakley and Credit Suisse who all see the full potential of the event.

One of the event’s organisers Isabel de Borbon says “We are very pleased to introduce the exciting and prestigious sport of polo to Tarifa. The support we have been given from the Mayor and the local community has been incredible. The players and horses will enjoy the compact sand playing surface and the spectators will be close to the action whilst appreciating the stunning backdrop of the Rif Mountains of Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar”.

The polo competition will take place at Playa de los Lances.
From 5:00pm until 7:00pm on the 27th of September
From 12:00pm until 2:00pm on the 28th of September

For more information visit www.tarifabeachpolo.com

Tarifa Beach Polo


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