Stand Up for the Jets!

Stand Up for the Jets!


Nolan Frendo frontman of JetstreamPic: Nolan Frendo frontman of Jetstream

Ambitious local band ‘Jetstream” have signalled their intent to capture the attention of music listeners in Gibraltar by announcing the release of their second original single this week.

The track which is entitled “Stand Up”, boasts a powerful and poignant message at a time of conflict and tension across Europe. “We take inspiration for our songs from everyday life occurrences not just our own but also events around the world,” Nolan Frendo the bands front man explains. “Sometimes this results in a very personal piece of music, in this case the track organically grew into a message that felt very relevant given world events.”

The band is mostly known in Gibraltar as being a highly talented covers band that has entertained the public at host of major events playing popular songs to captivated audiences.

Most recently bringing in the New Year at Casemates this year with an eclectic performance that kept the crowd dancing until 3am. Jetstream also go down in local musical history as the band that opened the first ever Gibraltar Music Festival.

The new single “Stand Up”, which follows the very well received and catchy summer debut tune “La la” is the next milestone in the band’s progression from popular covers band to credible original artists in their own right. “Our goal is to write and record songs we believe in,” comments Justin Pou the group’s charismatic bass player. “Collectively we bring so many original ideas to the studio which we develop into songs that we will release when we feel they are ready. Although our intention is to eventually produce a full album, we prefer to record the songs right in the moment and then release them individually rather than keep the public waiting until the full album is recorded, mixed and mastered. So watch this space as we have lots to share with you!”

Nolan Frendo vocals, Stu Whitwell guitars, Justin Pou BassPic: Left to Right: Nolan Frendo vocals, Stu Whitwell guitars, Justin Pou Bass

Darrell Alman the newest member of the band adds, “Since the dawn of the internet, music is consumed rather differently than the way albums were released in the past. These days its all about the here and now. So when we have something ready that we would like to share with the public ie: a new song, we focus on getting that out there before moving on to the next one.”

A band with potential and determination, 2014 will see the guys record a series of original tracks in a top london studio with highly acclaimed Uk producers.
“Our ambition as a band now is very different to a few years back,” states Stu Whitwell the bands guitarist. “We are focusing on our own material, and enjoying every bit of the creative freedom it gifts us. We are fortunate to soon work with some top players in the industry and are looking forward to hearing how our music will sound as we produce it over the next few months.”

Stu Whitwell guitars, Nolan Frendo vocals, Justin Pou BassPic: Left to Right: Stu Whitwell guitars, Nolan Frendo vocals, Justin Pou Bass

The band who list its influences as major international artists such as The Killers, Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam, Biffy Clyro, Coldplay, Bruno Mars as well as homegrown artists Melon Diesel, Reach, Area 52, The Noiz, After Hours, This Side Up & Guy Valarino, are keen to point out that the single “Stand Up” will also be the next in a series of music videos that will be produced to support each of the releases.

Filmed locally and edited in Northern Ireland the music video is another avenue of creativity that the band enjoyed. Abstract in style the video is a clever concept that uses the band members as the canvas onto which visual representations of the songs themes are projected.


Jetstream are: Nolan Frendo on Vocals, Justin Pou on Bass Guitar, Darrell Alman on drums, Stu Whitwell on Guitar.
See the Music Video: To see the “Stand Up” music video visit the band’s website:
Get the single: “Stand Up” is available online to download at itunes, spotify, google play store, amazon and a host of other online music networks.

Follow the band on their journey to create their first original album on social media:


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