Sotogrande Women presents – An Audience with Dr. Susan Phoenix

Sotogrande Women presents – An Audience with Dr. Susan Phoenix


Sotogrande Women presents
An Audience with Dr. Susan Phoenix: PhD, BSc (Hons), CSS
Thursday 22nd March, 10.30am, Sotogrande

Members 10 euros  Non Members 15 euros
(To include Coffee/Tea and selected patissiere items)

During her turbulent and inspiring life, Susan Phoenix has more than lived up to her surname. Having originally trained as a military nurse and then as a youth worker , Susan went on to gain a doctorate in psychology and worked extensively with deaf pre-school children and teenagers in Northern Ireland, after which she worked with deaf communities throughout Ireland and Europe.

Susan’s settled and happy life – living in Northern Ireland with her husband, Ian and her son and daughter – came to an abrupt end in 1994 when Ian was killed in an RAF Chinook helicopter crash in the Scottish Highlands.

Stunned by grief, she was unaware that life was about to take her in an unexpected direction. Ten hours after her husband’s death Susan was visited by his spirit, providing her with evidence that other planes of being existed.

This level-headed scientist has since devoted a lot  of her time to examining the universe’s energies, taking inspiration from physicists’ observations on the value of non-visible energy circuits or ‘zero point’.

Susan’s interest in the Angelic energy realms  and beyond was sparked by a meeting with Diana Cooper, an acknowledged expert on the subject and who later wrote the Foreword to Susan’s second book, Out of the Shadows, an account of her experiences in the aftermath of her husband’s death.

Having survived a year in which she lost her husband and both her parents and then had to nurse her son back to health after a horrific car accident, Susan Phoenix knows exactly how demanding life can sometimes be. She also knows that the vast reserves of positive energy that we all carry within us can be accessed to overcome the need for  any chemical prop, such as anti-depressants.

Susan’s search for renewed balance in life led her to study many multi-disciplinary complementary therapies including energy healing, crystal therapy, sound therapy, meditation, and regression. She is now fascinated with the worldwide research into energy medicine and quantum healing, a process whereby the mind harnesses its energy to heal the body.

Over the past few years Susan has been busy communicating her knowledge via inspirational workshops, radio and TV appearances and in the meditation CDs Angels, Energies and Auras and Living Gratitude.

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