San Isidro Labrador – Programme of events

San Isidro Labrador – Programme of events


San Isidro in Estepona

Estepona continues its San Isidro Labrador celebrations, this month with the feria from the 10th to 15th May.

San Isidro Labrador, who incidentally is also Madrid’s patron, lived in Madrid during the 12th century when it was but a village, where he worked as a lowly farm labourer. He was always engrossed in prayer but according to legend his workload was taken on by angels so as to leave him time for his devotions, must remember that one!

The saint’s day San Isidro Labrador is actually celebrated on the 15th May, which this year falls on Tuesday, and this is traditionally accompanied by a feria with celebrations, competitions, processions throughout the town and a funfair at the fairground. This year’s feria runs from Thursday 10th to Tuesday the 15th when the feria will reach its finale with a firework display.

Worth noting also is that Tuesday, 15th is a local holiday in Estepona so expect many of the shops and businesses to be closed.


Thursday, 10th May
7 pm – Estepona Town Centre. Parade announcing the begining of the Fiesta San Isidro Labrador.
8 pm – Fairground. 50% discount on the attractions at the funfair.
10.30 pm – Official opening of the funfair followed by performance by the Miguel Angel Dance Academy and then music into the early hours with local DJ in the Municipal Pavillion.

Friday, 11th May
12 noon – Municipal Pavillion. Dance Music by DJ.
2.30 pm – Municipal Pavillion. An opportunity to taste the tradional “Sopa Campera” a typical country soup.
10 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Flamenco show by the pupils of the Monica Peña Dance School.
11 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Dance to the music of the band “La Cala”.

Saturday, 12th May
11 am – Municipal Pavillion. Local wine tasting competition.
Midday – Fairground. Chainsaw contest.
1.30 pm – Fairground. Axe skills contest.
5.30 pm – Fairground. Horse Show.
10 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Dance to the music of the band “La Cala”.
11.30 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Performance by the “La Milana” Dance Academy.
00.30 am – “Coplas” Night with local and provincial guests.

Sunday, 13th May
11.30 am – Fairground. Horse Gymkana.
12.30 pm – Fairground. Horse Competition.
1.30 pm – Fairground. Ribbons Horse Race.
1 pm – Fruit, Vegetables and Citrus Contest at Cooperativa Agrícola organized by Delegación de Agricultura.
10 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Dance to the music of the band “La Cala”.

Monday, 14th May
10 am – San José Church. Floral offering to the saint patron
6 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Children’s Party.
11 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Flamenco Night by Fco. Espejo, Miguel Espinosa, Antonio Soto, Diego Reyes, Angel Hamburgo, Juan Santana y El Chanquete Rubio & the guitar player Joselito Pérez.
Dance to the music of the band “La Cala”.

Tuesday, 15th May Patron Saint Day – Local holiday in Estepona
8 am – San José Church. Official offering to the Patron Saint.
10 am – Iglesia San José. Holy Mass in Honour of San Isidro Labrador
11 am – San José Church. Performance of typical dancers of Málaga.Typical Andalucian Dance with the Miguel Angel Dance Academy
Midday – Plaza Antonia Guerrero. II “San Isidro” Domino Championship
1 pm – Estepona Streets. Typical Andalucian Horsemen Parade. Visit to the Altars in honour of San Isidro Labradror.
Typical Andalusian Dance
6 pm – Procession in honour of San Isidro Labrador. Route: Iglesia San José, Valencia, Zaragoza, Papuecas, Montecillo, Casares, Pilar de Farinós, Coto Doñana, Avda. Andalucía , Cooperación, Bda. San Isidro, Pilar de Farinós, San
Juan, Pozo Pila, Africa, Avda. San Lorenzo, Real, Terraza, El Cid, Goya, & Iglesia San José.
10 pm – Municipal Pavillion. Dance with the music of DJ
Midnight – Fairground. FIreworks finale.
Note: “Municipal Pavillion” is located in the Fairground, Avda. Juan Carlos I next to the new football stadium.