Prison sentences of from 3 months to a year and fines of...

Prison sentences of from 3 months to a year and fines of up to 30,000 euros for breaking the lockdown regulations


Spain’s Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska issued an order on Sunday that establishes the operational protocols of the security forces in the country while the state of emergency is in place.
The legislation has put Minister Grande-Marlaska in charge not only of the National Place and Guardia Civil, but also local and regional forces, but also guards from private security companies.
Among the measures introduced to enforce the state of emergency are fixed and mobile police checkpoints on roads, public spaces and public transport to ensure public compliance with the lockdown.
Non compliance can incur fines of up to 30,000 euros or even a prison sentence for serious infractions
The police will also “guarantee that people can access their places of work and basic services where necessary, as well as permitting the movement of personnel from companies providing essential services or the supply and distribution of essential goods and services.”
If it will provide support to guarantee “the supply of foodstuffs, as well as other goods and services.” They will also strengthen the security measures at so-called critical infrastructure, such as airports, railway stations, and power stations, in order to “guarantee their normal operation.”
The security forces will also ensure that the measures obliging the closure of businesses is observed, as well as the restrictions in places of worship.


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