Nothing To Wear? No Money To Spend? Try Swishing – The Green...

Nothing To Wear? No Money To Spend? Try Swishing – The Green Way To Shop



This June 10th at Tikitano Beach Restaurant and Lounge, Estepona Floral Art Club is holding another fundraising event. This time it’s Swishing: a clothes swapping party for women. It’s ethical, eco-fabulous, social and fun.

Everyone brings nice clean presentable clothing and accessories that are lurking unloved in your wardrobes and other ladies fall in love with them and give them a good home.

Apart from a small entrance fee of €5, no money changes hands. One token is given in exchange for each item accepted and may be used for any of the shoes, bags, jewellery or clothes in return.

Naturally only items in good condition will be accepted. No-one wants cast offs that have seen better days. If you wouldn’t lend it to your best friend, don’t bring it. So spring clean those wardrobes and dust off those Manolos. You’ll be recycling and saving money at the same time.

The event will open at 3pm, but items need to be dropped off between 1 pm and 2.45 pm. You will then have time to enjoy a fabulous lunch in Tikitano’s recently refurbished restaurant. A specially priced menu will be available for holders of ‘Swishing’ tokens or a snack menu is available in the spacious new bar area. You may even want to bid in the handbag auction at 2.15 pm, some of the proceeds of which will be going to local charity ‘Animals In Need’.

For further details call 607 468 653 or 696 378 333.


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