NILVA, the western Costa del Sol’s first wine with the prestigious Denomination...

NILVA, the western Costa del Sol’s first wine with the prestigious Denomination of Origin


Nilva WineManilva’s local wine producer, Nilva Enoturismo SL, has released NILVA, the first wine from Manilva and the western Costa del Sol to be covered by the Denomination of Origin Sierras de Málaga.

NILVA is a young, dry, aromatic and fruity white wine, produced from the Alexandria variety of Moscatel grape and with an exclusive production limited to just 2,250 numbered bottles.

NILVA is the perfect complement to accompany the traditional cuisine of Malaga based on fish and seafood or the most avant-garde cuisine, for which Málaga is becoming well known.

The young company NILVA ENOTURISMO is carrying out a project to restore Manilva’s vineyards. Grape growing is a traditional part of the Malaga economy but as a result of the two construction booms that occurred in the last 25 years, much of the existing vineyard area in this municipality has disappeared. NILVA consider that the tourist development of Manilva is compatible with the protection of the vineyards, its major natural heritage and identity as a traditional Andalucian and Mediterranean town.

In addition to winemaking, wine tourism is a fundamental part of the project. NILVA ENOTURISMO SL manages the Manilva Wine Centre (CIVIMA), a museum space where visitors can enjoy a tour of the past and present of winemaking in Manilva. Through individual or group guided tours you can tour the CIVIMA, visit the winery, taste the aromatic Moscatel wines and visit the old vineyard of the Peñoncillo where you can enjoy the spectacular and unique landscape next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Through the production of wines of the highest quality and the development of a sustainable tourism such as Enotourism, Nilva aims to make Manilva an enological and tourist destination of the top level.


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