New water kiosk opens in Sabinillas

New water kiosk opens in Sabinillas


Sabinillas Casa del AguaSabinillas now boasts a new ‘Casa de Agua’ a water vending kiosk, where the public can purchase still and sparkling water in 500 ml; 1 litre; and 1.5 litre measures.

Installed by the Italian company Ecozona, which has over 6 thousand such kiosks throughout Italy, this is the first permanent kiosk to be installed in Spain, although the company does provide mobile units for large events, music festivals, etc.

The kiosk takes water from the public water supply and passes it through a stringent filtration system before being delivered, nicely chilled at the vending point.

The system is designed with public health at the forefront, all the tubes, and outlet nozzles are automatically sterilised, after 15 minutes of activity preventing the build up of bacteria.

The water is available either still or sparkling at the nominal cost of 5 cents for 500 ml; 10 cents for a litre; and 15 cents for a litre and a half, you just have to provide the container.

Dean Tyler Shelton, Councillor for Manilva’s Environment Department, told The Resident that “This is the culmination of two years work to secure this facility, the first in Spain, for Manilva.” Councillor Shelton also pointed out the advantages “Not only does the facility provide low cost filtered water that hasn’t been sat in a bottle for days, weeks, or even longer, it is also important from an ecological point of view, reducing the need for single use plastic bottles, and all the energy that goes into processing and transporting, thus reducing the consumer’s carbon footprint”.

The kiosk can be found in the Plaza de Blas Infante, on Calle Espinosa opposite Las Brasas restaurant.

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