New installation on the ‘Route of Murals’ commemorates the 80th anniversary of...

New installation on the ‘Route of Murals’ commemorates the 80th anniversary of Picasso’s Guernica


GuernicalThe mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, recently inaugurated ‘Quixote in Guernica’ by Curro Leyton, the latest work to be incorporated into the town’s Route of Artistic Murals. The mural, which has been painted on the facade of the María Espinosa School, celebrates one of the most important works of modern art by Picasso and includes the figure of the literary character ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’ by Miguel de Cervantes. In this way, the artist commemorates the 80th anniversary of the painting by Pablo Picasso and unites in one work two of the most important artistic symbols of Spain.

The new mural reflects the particular vision of Curro Leyton, who has painted the legendary scene that denounced the horror of the war incorporating the character of Miguel de Cervantes “in a respectful and elegant way, with the intention that the passerby recognize in the work these two great symbols of Spanish culture”.

The 12 x 6 metre mural is located at the Maria Espinosa School, once again bringing Mural route to schools, with the aim that the town’s youth are exposed to culture. This also includes Víctor de la Serna at the Víctor de la Serna school and ‘Quixote of the XXI century’, also by Curro Leyton at IES Puerta del Mar school.


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