Nearly 700 people attended the presentation of the Compromiso Manilva’s list of...

Nearly 700 people attended the presentation of the Compromiso Manilva’s list of candidates for this month’s local elections


“We are capable of achieving an absolute majority for the first time in the history of Manilva.” so stated the Compromiso Manilva candidate, and current mayor, Mario Jimenez before an audience of almost 700 locals who crowded the ballroom at the Duquesa Golf Club.

They were all gathered for the presentation of the Compromiso Manilva Party’s list of candidates for the forthcoming local government elections on Sunday May 26.

Mayor Jimenez also took the opportunity to outline some of the projects they have planned for the next term, including the pedestrian and bicycle lane linking Sabinillas and Manilva, and new underpass and more parking in Sabinillas, a complete reform of the paseo maritimo in Sabinillas, along with a cultural and leisure centre with theatre and exhibition hall, and a new access to the industrial estate.

The list of 23 candidates comprises 11 men and 12 women

Mario Jiménez Rodríguez

Marcos Ruiz Rodríguez

Eva Galindo Peralta

Paqui López Rodríguez

Daniel Muñoz Domínguez

Dean Tayler Shelton

Juan Pareja Fernández

Pilar Zúñiga Segura

Inma Benítez Ríos

Miguel Márquez Lorente

Pilar Alcántara Oliva

Juan Miguel Temblador Zotano

Rocío Leal Carrión

María Fariña Oliva

Pedro Vélez Fernández

María José Ortiz Morales

Antonio Parra Zotano

Ricardo Mateo de Maya

Fernanda Vailant Pena

Gustavo Alberto Meza Ginés

Sara Belén Muñoz Ortega

Amparo Orgaz Lindo

Alejandro Romero Galiano


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