Meeting of the joint security services of Manilva

Meeting of the joint security services of Manilva


Article by Dean Tyler Shelton

On the 10th March a meeting has been convened for the joint security services that co-exist within the municipal boarders of the council of Manilva. The institutions that will be present at this meeting will be the Sub Delegate from the regional government of Malaga, the Mayor of Manilva, the Commanding Chief of Guardia Civil, the Chief of Local Police, the Person in Charge of the Local Civil Protection Service & a Representative from the Ministry of the Interior of the regional government of Andalucía.

Points on the agenda to be discussed will be the general security in the area of Manilva. To discuss the regime of frontier workers who by their right of residence are on the local pardon of Manilva and who travel for work daily between Manilva and Gibraltar.

To clarify this point slightly our council is looking for its residents to be given the same treatment and rights as the other towns in the closer vicinity to Gibraltar better known as “the Campo de Gibraltar towns” especially when it comes to the future use of the frontiers speedy crossing lanes for frontier workers, these lanes are the ones that are to be installed and completed in the very near future. The installation of security cameras in areas of special interest or importance such as could be considered as an example Puerto de la Duquesa.

With this in mind, I request that if you are interested in receiving the same treatment as other local to Gibraltar workers such as those in the campo de Gibraltar area, or if you have any other suggestions or general security complaints, that you make your voice heard by presenting to me before the 10th March a filled in application form or letter with your personal details, complaint or specific point of interest clearly laid out so that the institutions of security present may analyse and discuss them.

If you would like an application form and or help filling it in please don’t hesitate to contact me either by email on or by Mobile phone on 656 523 260.

Manilva Town Hall


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