Meet the locals

Meet the locals


La Reserva Golf in SotograndeLiving in our area we have some of the most talented golfers from across the world. Names such as Mark Tullo from Chilli, Tano Goya from Argentina, Erik tage johanson from Norway, Peter Gustafson from Sweden all live in the Costa Del Sol.

Our temperate climate attracts players from around the world as well as the best players in Spain who move to the Costa del Sol to pursue their goals as professional golfers. Not to mention our local pool of incredible talent from the Canizares family to the Quiros’s. Carlos Rodiles, Charci Balmaseda, Jordi Garcia Del Moral, Miguel Quiros, The Osorio brother, the list is just never ending.

Living amongst us are players on the European tour such as Alvaro Quiros and Alexandro Canizares. Players on the European senior’s tour and Ryder cup team members like the great Juan Quiros, Jose Maria Canizares and Manuel Pinero.

During the winter months when the rest of Europe is closed for golf the Costa del Sol is awash with players from around the world who come and train at our world renowned courses in preparation for their upcoming seasons.

Thanks to our all year round golfing climate and the venues available, our region is responsible for the success of many golfers who I can now call friends and locals.


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