Marbella’s youngsters triumph over Malaga in local rugby derbys

Marbella’s youngsters triumph over Malaga in local rugby derbys


U16, Ben Gold with support from Jaime TiradoU16, Ben Gold with support from Jaime Tirado

U14 – Malaga 0 Vs 75 Marbella

A comprehensive win for the U14s against a side that was missing players and has had to rebuild after a difficult time in their club. Marbella were able to pass the ball through the hands of all the players and the boys were played in some different positions so the coach could observe some different playing options. The bench players all came on for the second half so everyone got a decent run.

Team: Freddie Pirozzo, Agustin Yudica, Jesus Sierra, Daniel Coca, Juan San Vicente, Axel Clark, Akemi Rodriguez, Ike Irusta, Federico Valles, Gabriel Udo, Charlie Edwards, Dennis Pflantz, Mario Caceres

Bench: Joshua King, Guido Navone, Ignacio Noorbergen, Gonzalo Arche, Vistor Palanco

Marbella U14Marbella U14

U16 – Malaga 0 Vs 83 Marbella

The U16s had a similar day to the U14s with an easy win over their local rivals, a depleted and inexperienced Malaga side. However the coaches did note some important improvements in the way the Marbella side played in comparison to the previous match and were happy that the training day tweaks were taking effect.

Trys were scored by the following players, Yako Irusta (3), Ben King, Ben Gold, Tomas Munilla (2), Ricardo Oliva, Carlos Martin, Lucas Bianchi, Jaime Tirado (2), Oscar Cruz, Ruben Mendaña (2)
Conversions by Ben King (4)

Team: 1. Ruben Mendaña, 2. Oscar Cruz, 3. Thiago Pesaresi, 4. Francisco Dirassar, 5. Ben Gold, 6. Tomas Mallmann, 7. Ricardo Oliva, 8. Mateo Caceres, 9. Tomas Munilla, 10. Ben King, 11. Alex Vallejo, 12. Carlos Martin, 13. Yako Irusta, 14. Jaime Tirado, 15. Lucas Bianchi

Bench: Tadeo Aguilera, Agustin Silva, Indra Rubiales, Alvaro Gomez

Senior, Ross Hammill with the conversionSenior, Ross Hammill with the conversion

Senior – Friendly – Marbella Vs Del Estrecho

The Senior team had a friendly organised this weekend against local rivals Del Estrecho who are currently in the Second Division and were looking to play a match before their semi-finals in the deciders for the promotion to the First Division.

Marbella had a very inexperienced side on the field this week as an opportunity was given to all the new players to put on their boots and actually experience some on field action. A final score was not recorded although Del Estrecho came out the clear winners on this occasion.

Team: 1. Antonio Garcia, 2. Juan Manuel Gonzalez, 3. Luke Riley, 4. Rafael Rodriguez, 5. Alejo Parraga, 6. Ove Sandau, 7. Juan Romero, 8. Mark Havelock, 9. Ross Hammill, 10. Sam Langford, 11. Esteban Palomo, 12. Enrique Gonzalez, 13. Ricardo Insaurralde, 14. Javier Rivas, 15. Luis Jose Stefanelli

Bench: Graham Kitchen, Federico Kaufmann

Andalucia U18 – Castilla Leon 0 Vs 34 Andalucia

Andalucia U18Andalucia U18

Andalucia U21 – Castilla Leon 8 Vs 22 Andalucia

The U18 and U21 Andalucia squads travelled to Valladolid to play in the first round of this season’s Regional Championship of Spain. Thankfully they came away with fantastic wins against the Castilla Leon sides and will now go on to play against a strong Madrid squad in Sevilla at the end of February.

Players from Marbella U18: Ryan Edwards, Oscar and Javier Garcia de la Peña, Henry & Sam Parry, Christian King, Marco Spinetti, Toby Francis, Manuel Silva and Jaime Ross

Players from Marbella U21: Daniel Camarero and Gianluca Pesaresi

Andalucia U21Andalucia U21


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