Marbella Rugby Club – Fun in the Sun

Marbella Rugby Club – Fun in the Sun


Marbella rugby U6s in actionU6 players

U12, U10, U8 & U6 – Mini Tournament

The younger age groups from the Marbella “school” of rugby hosted a mini tournament at Bahia Marbella on Saturday. There were over 350 players from 29 teams and 9 clubs who participated in the event & these youngsters were the first players to inaugurate the new pitch.

Thanks to the great team work from all the Marbella players and coaches in the U18, U16, U14 and U12 age groups who met at the club on Thursday evening the new pitch was cleared of the pebbles and grit and was ready to be used on Saturday morning.

The Marbella U12s had 3 teams who played on Saturday, the Green, White and Blue teams. Although the results were irrelevant as the idea is that all the teams get to play and the players enjoy each others’ company, here are the Marbella scores for anyone who is interested:

Green 5 Vs 10 Ciencias B
Green 5 Vs 35 Granada
Green 10 Vs 10 Granada B
White 15 Vs 5 Ciencias
White 10 Vs 5 Marianistas
White 15 Vs 5 Green
Blue 15 Vs 0 Malaga
Blue 5 Vs 15 Ciencias
Blue 15 Vs 0 Jaen
Blue 5 Vs 0 Granada

Some of the teams on the day were helped out by other clubs in order to put out full sides and great spirit was shown by all the players as a rainbow of colour filled the sun baked pitch when the colours of all the shirts united.

Marbella Rugby U10sU10s

The U12s results were as follows:

Marbella 5 Vs 0 Granada
Marbella 10 Vs 5 Marianistas
Marbella 30 Vs 5 Ciencias B
Marbella 0 Vs 10 Ciencias

We would like to thank all the players, coaches and parents who travelled from all over Andalucia who shared a fantastic spring day with all of us here at Marbella. Ciencias from Sevilla, Del Estrecho from Torreguadiaro, Malaga, Granada, Jaen, Marianistas from Jerez and Almuñecar.

Marbella Rugby U12U12 James Chatland in attack

U14 – Puerto Santa Maria 3 Vs 12 Marbella

The U14s had a tough match to play against the current leaders of their league table, Puerto Santa Maria. Thankfully Marbella came through at the death with a last minute try.

Marbella did receive a yellow card for Victor Palanco as he infringed from the side on one too many occasions and then tackled high on the opposition player.

Trys: Ike Irusta and Dennis Pflantz
Conversion: Miguel Goizueta
Team: 1. Axel Clark, 2. Agustin Yudica, 3. Daniel Coca, 4. Victor Palanco, 5. Juan San Vicente, 8. Miguel Goizueta, 9. Akemi Rodriguez, 10. Ike Irusta, 11. Dennis Pflantz, 12. Gabriel Udo, 13. Charles Edwards, 14. Jose Maria Hinojosa, 15. Mario Caceres
Bench: Ignacio Noorbergen, Joshua King, Frederick Pirozzo, Javier Silva, Guido Navone

U16 – Puerto Santa Maria 5 Vs 41 Marbella

The U16s made this match look easier than it was. With players still recovering from injury or illness, Marbella were without Tomas Munilla, Adrian Noriega, Ben King, Jaime Tirado and Alex Burnett who all travelled with their teammates to Puerto Santa Maria. This shows the unity that this squad of players has and the reason that they work as a team on the pitch.

Trys: Ben Gold, Yako Irusta (2), Tomas Mallmann, Ricardo Oliva
Conversion: Andres Masuyama (5) and 2 penalties
Team: 1. Ruben Mendaña 2. Oscar Cruz, 3. Adam Wilson Barnes, 4. Pablo Tirado, 5. Thiago Pesaresi, 6. Ricardo Oliva, 7. Tomas Mallmann, 8. Ben Gold, 9. Alex Vallejo, 10. Andres Masuyama, 11. Alvaro Gomez, 12. Carlos Martin, 13. Yako Irusta, 14. Agustin Silva, 15. Lucas Bianchi
Bench: Francisco Dirassar, Tadeo Aguilera

U18 – Puerto Santa Maria 3 Vs 11 Marbella

The U18s had to win this match to qualify for the semifinals of the Championship of Andalucia. It was a hard fought game with some controversial yellow cards (3) awarded against Marbella which meant they had to dig deeper, pull together and battle harder to pull off the victory.

Try: Sam Parry
Penalty: Henry Parry (2)
Team: 1. Jaime Ross 2. Harry Radcliffe, 3. Javier Garcia de la Peña, 4. Oscar Garcia de la Peña, 5. Ryan Edwards, 6. Toby Francis, 7. Manuel Silva, 8. Marco Spinetti, 9. Javier Ruiz, 10. Henry Parry, 11. Sam Parry, 12. Tomas Padin, 13.Enrique Bajo, 14. Valentin Bianchi, 15. Augusto Nuñez
Bench: Eduardo Flores, Pablo Caceres, Lewis Macrae, Nicolas Navone, Alexander Pflantz, Carlos Garcia

Andalucia U21 – Andalucia 9 Vs 17 Valencia

Sadly the U21 Andalucia squad was only able to take 4th place this season in the Regional Championship of Spain which was played in Cuidad Real on Saturday.

Players from Marbella U21: Daniel Camarero and Gianluca Pesaresi.

Clearing the pitchClub members clearing the pitch


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