Marbella Rugby Club enjoy an epic journey to Sevilla

Marbella Rugby Club enjoy an epic journey to Sevilla


U16, U14 & U12 - Orange Rugby ChallengeU16, U14 & U12 – Orange Rugby Challenge

All the Junior age categories apart from the U18s travelled to Sevilla on 3 buses, a total of over 150 people (players, coaches and parents) to take part in 2 Tournaments.

U16, U14 and U12 – Orange Rugby Challenge

The U16, U14 and U12s took part in the Orange Rugby Challenge which is being held in various regions of Spain culminating in a Grand Final in Madrid at the beginning of May. The Andalucian clubs met in Sevilla on Saturday to decide which club will be going to the finals, points were awarded for First, Second and Third place with the club which has the most points going through.


The U16s had a relatively easy group to get through to the Semifinal and Final, having done well in these matches the tough Semifinal against Puerto Santa Maria was approached with intensity and with a desire to win which showed on the scoreboard. Finally having got to the final which was played immediately after the Semi against the home team, Ciencias, they just couldn’t keep up the momentum and came out of the tournament as the Runners Up but still head to the Finals in Madrid thanks to Marbella as a club coming top on the points scoreboard.

Marbella 22 Vs 5 Granada
Marbella 34 Vs 0 Mairena
Marbella 22 Vs 0 Puerto Santa Maria
Marbella 3 Vs 10 Ciencias


The U14s came out as the Champions in this tournament and will be heading to Madrid for the Finals in May.


The U12s had a full day of matches and came out as the Champions of the Tournament which is a great achievement for the players who have been together for 2 or 3 years now and grown into their team both technically as individuals and united as a team. We hope they can continue to learn and grow together incorporating their colleagues in the B team, the majority of whom have just started rugby this season.

Marbella 1 Vs 0 Granada
Marbella 2 Vs 0 Puerto Santa Maria
Marbella 5 Vs 0 Marianistas de Jerez
Marbella 4 Vs 0 Caceres
Marbella 1 Vs 0 Ciencias

U12, U10, U8 and U6 – Mini Tournament

U8 & U6 age groupsU8 & U6 age groups

The younger age groups had a fun day out in Sevilla, taking part in a fun tournament during the break in the Orange Rugby Challenge from 13.00hs – 15.30hs.

The U12 B team only played one match in which they drew with the host team, Ciencias with 3 trys each.

The U10s had a mixed day, losing to Ciencias 1-0, beating CAR 2-4 and drawing against Ciencias B with 2 trys each.

The U8s and U6s played some mini matches against other teams from Sevilla and the news from their coaches is very positive. For the youngest members of our club the players are progressing quickly and the main thing is they are having fun.

Senior – Marbella 0 Vs 47 Almeria

Senior - Ross Hammill in attackSenior – Ross Hammill in attack

The Senior team had a tough challenge this week, having to face the league leaders Almeria early on a Sunday morning. The players that came to training this week thought mid week that they would not get a team together but they eventually pulled together to get 20 players on the team sheet and the other injured players were on the stands to support.

With a make shift coaching team of Roberto Cañavate and Juan Alfredo Cervan taking the reins for the last league match of this season the home side started well spending the majority of the first half in the opposition territory and trying all they could to get over the white line but to no avail. Sadly the set piece did not go well for the team and losing every line out and most of the scrums meant that the ball was turned over at vital times. On one occasion the opposition had a driving maul in the Marbella 22 with quick ball coming out to the backs for a score before half time to go into the break 0-7 down.

The second half started well with Marbella immediately gaining possession and some good attacking play, however this was interrupted by an interception and run away try by Almeria causing the home side to become despondent. After this the trys came pouring in through a mistake by the Marbella forwards for not grounding the ball over the try line before an Almeria player pounced on it, a good driving maul which resulted in a try and 3 good back moves for the final trys.

Credit should be given to the home side for uniting in troubled times and coming together as a team. The first half showed that they can play a better standard than they believe and they need to take this forward to next season. Players to point out on the day were Ross Hammill who was positive in attack and Maximiliano Olivella in defence for putting his body on the line.

Team: 1. Luke Riley, 2. Rafael Rodriguez, 3. Alejo Parraga, 4. Mark Havelock, 5. Juan Romero, 6. Ove Sandau, 7. Maximiliano Olivella, 8. Mariano Martinez, 9. Roberto Cañavate, 10. Gianluca Pesaresi, 11. Javier Rivas, 12. Philip Wilson, 13. Lucas Ballestrin, 14. Augusto Orlando, 15. Ross Hammill

Bench: Ricardo Insaurralde, Juan Manuel Gonzalez, Simon Surgenor, Federico Kaufmann, Sam Langford


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