Marbella Rugby Club – Crunch time

Marbella Rugby Club – Crunch time


U18 Minute silenceU18 Minute silence

There was a minutes silence before every match in Andalucia this weekend in honour of the Spanish U16 coach, Francisco Usero who died suddenly last week at the age of 56. On behalf of Marbella Rugby Club we would like to send our deepest sympathy to his family and rugby team mates.

U14 – Gibraltar 0 Vs 30 Marbella

The U14s played their last league match of the season at the weekend against Gibraltar and got the win without any real problems. This means they have reached the semi-finals for the Championship of Andalucia.

Team: 1. Frederick Pirozzo 2. Guido Navone, 3. Ignacio Noorbergen, 4. Sonny Black, 5. Daniel Coca, 8. Joshua King, 9. Javier Silva, 10. Akemi Rodriguez, 11. Christopher Porral, 12. Ike Irusta, 13. Gonzalo Vicente, 14. Paolo Orefici, 15. Federico Valles
Bench: Alex De Fortuny, Jesus Sierra, Tain Jarvis, Pablo Pastora and Alexandre Turner

U16 Carlos Martin surrounded by both teamsU16 Carlos Martin surrounded by both teams

U16 – Mairena 6 Vs 40 Marbella

The U16s travelled to Mairena del Aljarafe which is on the outskirts of Sevilla to play the first leg of their semi-finals against a team that have just got together this season. The travellers did not get off to the best start with four or five players in an offside position from the kick off. The score line does not highlight  the errors that the Marbella players were making and these really need to be nipped in the bud before the next semi-final and the final.

There was yet another yellow card in this match, this time for Alex Vallejo. These needless interruptions mean that there is less time where the team can really work together and create some interaction between forwards and backs.

Trys: Andres Masuyama, Ben Gold, Yako Irusta, Alex Burnett (2), Carlos Martin and Mateo Caceres
Conversion: Ben King (1)
Penalty: Andres Masuyama (1)
Team: 1. Ruben Mendaña, 2. Adam Wilson Barnes, 3. Tadeo Aguilera, 4. Francisco Dirassar, 5. Thiago Pesaresi, 6. Ricardo Oliva, 7. Oscar Cruz, 8. Ben Gold, 9. Alex Vallejo, 10. Andres Masuyama, 11. Alvaro Gomez, 12. Ben King, 13. Carlos Martin, 14. Yako Irusta, 15. Lucas Bianchi
Bench: Jaime Tirado, Mateo Caceres, Alex Burnett, Agustin Silva

U16 Minute silenceU16 Minute silence

U18 – Marbella 29 Vs 12 Marbella

The U18s had to win this match to maintain their leadership of the league table and qualify for the semi finals of the Championship of Andalucia. It was a hard fought game with Marbella again giving the opposition too much time with an extra player advantage by receiving 3 yellow cards. Two of these were for giving away too many penalties on their own try line and the last was for a tip tackle.

U18 Enrique Bajo break away tryU18 Enrique Bajo break away try

Trys: Sam Parry, Ryan Edwards, Henry Parry, Enrique Bajo and Javier Garcia de la Peña
Penalty: Henry Parry (2)
Team: 1. Eduardo Flores 2. Harry Radcliffe, 3. Javier Garcia de la Peña, 4. Ryan Edwards, 5. Pablo Caceres, 6. Toby Francis, 7. Manuel Silva, 8. Marco Spinetti, 9. Javier Ruiz, 10. Henry Parry, 11. Enrique Bajo, 12. Christian King, 13. Sam Parry, 14. Valentin Bianchi, 15. Augusto Nuñez
Bench: Oscar Garcia de la Peña, Tomas Padin, Carlos Garcia, Lewis Macrae, Nicolas Navone, Alexander Pflantz


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