Marbella Rugby Club – Champions of Andalucia

Marbella Rugby Club – Champions of Andalucia


Iberian Tournament – Sevilla

U8sU8s in Seville

The U14, U12, U10, U8 and U6 age groups travelled to Sevilla to take part in the Iberian Tournament where they faced teams from Andalucia and Portugal.

The teams enjoyed a great day out in the Sevilla heat ending the day with a mixed bag of results but having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Hot, tired but happy.

This tournament will have been great preparation for the players as they are going to be travelling to Valladolid over the next few weeks where they will be representing Marbella Rugby Club in the National Tournaments of Spain.

Ciencias, who hosted the tournament this weekend were great hosts and provided the perfect build up to the U16 Final of the Championship of Andalucia which took place at 16.00hs on the main pitch.

U16 – FINAL – Ciencias 12 Vs 27 Marbella

U16 ChampionsU16 Champions

With the stands full of the players that had taken part in the Iberian Tournament, the U16 teams from Ciencias and Marbella entered the pitch to an enthusiastic and noisy crowd which made a great atmosphere for the match.

Marbella started the match determined but calm. They played as a team and showed their coaches that the hard work that they had invested in them had paid off. This season the team has lost twice to their Sevilla counterparts but in the final Marbella were united both in attack as well as defence and created their victory through fantastic teamwork.

Having won this match the U16 team who are coached alongside the U18 team by Pablo Munilla, Juan Alfredo Cervan, Jorge Boccardo and Simon Cruz have now qualified to play in the Championship of Spain which will be held in Valladolid on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of May.

Trys: Ben King, Andres Masuyama (2), Mateo Caceres, Adrian Noriega
Conversion: Ben King
Team: 1. Adam Wilson Barnes, 2. Oscar Cruz, 3. Adrian Noriega, 4. Thiago Pesaresi, 5. Alexander Burnett, 6. Ricardo Oliva, 7. Mateo Caceres, 8. Ben Gold, 9. Tomas Munilla, 10. Andres Masuyama, 11. Lucas Bianchi, 12. Carlos Martin, 13. Yako Irusta, 14. Jaime Tirado, 15. Ben King
Bench: Alvaro Gomez, Agustin Silva, Tomas Mallmann, Alex Vallejo, Pablo Tirado, Tadeo Aguilera, Francisco Dirassar, Indra Rubiales, Ruben Mendaña

U18 – FINAL – Marbella 51 Vs 5 Ciencias

U18 ChampionsU18 Champions

The U18 team were determined to win their final on the weekend as they faced their rivals from Sevilla, Ciencias who they had already beaten both home and away in the league this season.

Like their U16 training partners the U18 team showed their united front as a team and worked collectively for some great trys but also were a defensive wall when needed only letting in one try right at the end of the match when there was no doubt of the victory.

Having won this match the U18 team have now qualified to play in the Championship of Spain which will be held in Valladolid next weekend, the 3rd and 4th of May.

Trys: Christian King (2), Manuel Silva (3), Alexander Cruz, Marco Spinetti, Augusto Nuñez, Javier Garcia de la Peña
Conversion: Alexander Cruz (3)
Team: 1. Oscar Garcia de la Peña, 2. James Ross, 3. Javier Garcia de la Peña, 4. Pablo Caceres, 5. Ryan Edwards, 6. Manuel Silva, 7. Marco Spinetti, 8. Toby Francis, 9. Henry Parry, 10. Alexander Cruz, 11. Enrique Bajo, 12. Christian King, 13. Sam Parry, 14. Javier Ruiz, 15. Augusto Nuñez
Bench: Eduardo Flores, Harry Radcliffe, Tomas Padin, Lewis Macrae, Nicolas Navone, Alexander Pflantz, Valentin Bianchi

Senior – Marbella/Bristol Telephones/HSBC

HSBC and Bristol TelephonesHSBC and Bristol Telephones

The Senior team were visited by 2 English teams at the weekend, HSBC and Bristol Telephones. As always with the touring sides many of the players turned up in fancy dress and there was plenty of booze, banter and rugby.

The scores of the matches were not noted as the main event was to play, have fun and enjoy a beer together in the true spirit of touring rugby sides, barbarian style.


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