Marbella Rugby Club away day!

Marbella Rugby Club away day!


U8s in action

U12, U10, U8 and U6

The Junior age groups travelled to Granada on Saturday morning to play in an official Andalucia tournament. This was the first away trip of the season for the U8 and U6 age groups and the first matches to be played in the new kit.

U12 Results:

A Team
Marbella 1 Vs 2 Granada
Marbella 3 Vs 0 Ciencias, Sevilla
Marbella 3 Vs 0 Puerto Santa Maria
Marbella 2 Vs 0 Jaen

B Team
Marbella 0 Vs 4 Malaga
Marbella 0 Vs 3 Ciencias B
Marbella 3 Vs 2 Granada B
Marbella 0 Vs 2 Del Estrecho

U10 Results:

Under 10s

Marbella 1 Vs 3 Granada
Marbella 1 Vs 1 Ciencias, Sevilla
Marbella 3 Vs 1 Puerto Santa Maria
Marbella 4 Vs 1 Malaga

U8 Results:

Under 8s in Granada

Marbella 6 Vs 7 Del Estrecho
Marbella 0 Vs 5 Ciencias, Sevilla
Marbella 6 Vs 4 Ciencias B

U18 – Gibraltar 0 Vs 88 Marbella

The U18s went to Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro to play a Gibraltar side that unfortunately had only 13 players available to play on Sunday. This meant that Marbella had an advantage in the match from the kick off and meant there was a lot of chances to score and plenty of open, running rugby. The home side did put up a valiant effort and have to be given credit for their defence and the fact that they never gave up despite the rising numbers on the scoreboard.

There were 14 trys scored in total by Valentin Bianchi, Manuel Silva, Augusto Nuñez (2), Sam Parry, Javier Garcia de la Peña, Henry Parry, Toby Francis, Enrique Bajo, Javier Ruiz (2), Tomas Padin and Jaime Ross (2). Conversions were taken by Henry Parry (6), Ben King (2) and Toby Francis (1).

Marbella under 18s

Team: 1. Eduardo Flores, 2. Jaime Ross, 3. Javier Garcia de la Peña, 4. Oscar Garcia de la Peña, 5. Pablo Caceres, 6. Tomas Padin, 7. Manuel Silva, 8. Toby Francis, 9. Javier Ruiz, 10. Henry Parry, 11. Nicolas Navone, 12. Enrique Bajo, 13. Sam Parry, 14. Valentin Bianchi, 15. Augusto Nuñez
Bench: Harry Radcliffe, Alexander Pflantz, Lewis Macrae, Ben King and Oscar Cruz

Senior – Jaen 19 Vs 19 Marbella

With a squad of only 17 who were available to travel to Jaen on Sunday and some of those who are not regular players in the side, the Senior team were happy to come away with the draw in this tight match. Once again the penalty count was high and resulted in 2 yellow cards for the visitors for Luis Jose Stefanelli and Javier Rivas. There are only 2 matches left in the league this season and it looks like Marbella will remain in third place as they are due to play Malaga and Almeria who are currently in the top 2 spots and will go through to the semifinals.

Trys by Ross Hammill, Enrique Gonzalez, Augusto Orlando and 2 conversions by Ross Hammill.

Team: 1. Luke Riley, 2. Juan Manuel Gonzalez, 3. Juan Alfredo Cervan, 4. Juan Romero, 5. Mariano Martinez, 6. Ove Sandau, 7. Lucas Ballestrin, 8. Mark Havelock, 9. Luis Jose Stefanelli, 10. Gianluca Pesaresi, 11. Javier Rivas, 12. Sam Langford, 13. Ross Hammill, 14. Augusto Orlando, 15. Enrique Gonzalez
Bench: David Snape & Alejo Parraga


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