Make your business more efficient with a Virtual Assistant

Make your business more efficient with a Virtual Assistant


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Judith and her team at Moneypennies aim, through an online secretarial and general administrative service, to assist small and medium sized businesses to survive difficult economic times, and where possible, to help them to grow by considerably reducing the financial burden placed on them while still getting the job done!

Unless a business requires a physical presence to deal with customers visiting a shop or office, a great deal of general administration nowadays can be taken care of in this way – and indeed in the future – helping to maximise business profits by considerably reducing business overheads.

Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, national insurance or benefits such as holidays and sickness. Neither do you need any extra physical space for them or to provide any equipment or supplies.

Although working remotely, Moneypennies Virtual Assistants can become just as much a part of your team as your other employees. Clients who want face to face interaction with the service can take advantage of the Skype video link available.

You may wish to consider Moneypennies services if:

You find yourself obliged to downsize your operation to ensure the survival of your business until better economic times return and consequently you find yourself having to deal with the general administration. How much are you worth? If you earn a higher hourly rate than that you would pay a Virtual Assistant, is it really worth you spending a whole day on admin when you could be out working with clients or on production and boosting your income? So lower your blood pressure. When you have a million and one things to do on your list and are pulling your hair out trying to get everything and more done, Moneypennies can step in, take some of those tasks off your hands and help ease the pressure.

Maybe you want to expand your business but can´t take on another member of staff until you’re sure you can justify the long term investment. Moneypennies can fill the gap by offering you a retainer each month. Just tell them how many hours you want and what needs doing and give yourself the chance to find out if expansion will work without committing until you are sure.

Your business may enjoy specified peak periods in the year when your existing staff could use the extra support so ensuring continuity in customer service and harmony in the workplace.

What about support when staff is on holiday to ensure there is no backlog of work which may affect your business during their absence.

Remember, Moneypennies’ clients only pay for the hours worked which may be a one-off assignment, a few hours a month, week, or even daily depending on your requirements.

Private clients are also invited to make use of Moneypennies’ services and in particular for general translation purposes from Spanish to English.

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