Lose fat the easy way!

Lose fat the easy way!


By JoJo France


Did you know that what you eat is responsible for 80% of the way you look and exercise will only change your body by about 20%, so the key to long term body change is changing what you decide to eat and doing exercise to tweak that image.

Many of us find reasons not to exercise, don’t have time, hate the gym, don’t know what to do, etc. Exercise is so important not just for burning off extra calories but for keeping the body mobile and functional, allowing it to do what nature intended, moving items of furniture, running after our kids and of course keeping the aesthetics in check, all of this will help us feel good.

My workout for this month is quick but intense, total exercise time is 4 mins and approx 350 calories.

All you will need is a skipping rope, clock and a little bit of space.

Tabata Training – 20 seconds of fast skipping then 10 seconds rest, repeat a total of 8 times.

For beginners start with normal skipping, advanced try double unders, this is where the rope will pass under your feet twice with every single jump.

At the end of this very quick workout you should be be hot and sweaty and a little out of breath, aim for maximum intensity and try to do this 4 times a week. This will improve your cardiovascular health, burn lots of calories, help with toning muscles in arms, legs, butt and shoulders, as well as improving bone density.

Good luck but remember to consult with your GP before commencing with any new exercise regime.

For any questions call or mail me jojofrance_69@hotmail.com or call 687 030 047

This article first published in The Resident March 2013