Local priest bans crying at funerals

Local priest bans crying at funerals


Church protest

Residents of Manilva are up in arms over the conduct of the local parish priest Nicolás Timpu and have petitioned the Bishop of Malaga to replace him.

Over 1500 local residents have signed a petition in which the Romanian priest is accused of numerous failings including telling a grieving mother to stop crying during a Mass for her young son who had recently died in a motorcycle accident, informing her that if she didn’t stop wailing he would stop the Mass and there would be no funeral.

Padre Timpu, who took up his post as parish priest for Manilva and Casares a couple of years ago, is also accused of playing Christmas carols at another funeral, and of terrifying children at holy communions demanding that they be quiet.

The case has attracted a lot of media attention and both the priest and the Diocese of Malaga have declined to comment.