I Moors and Christians

I Moors and Christians


Manilva Foreign Residents Department, led by Laura López, along with the Ateneo Cultural Association, have organised for the next August 29 the First Moors and Christians festival, which will be held at the Castle in Castillo de la Duquesa from 6 pm. Manilva’s Culture Department and the Moroccan Consulate are also collaborators.

Throughout the afternoon you can enjoy an exhibition of paintings by women and another one of books by local writers.

There will also be a visit from the Consul General of Morocco, Mohamed Rafhaoui.

Throughout the evening there will be bars installed on the premises, one of them dedicated to Moroccan food and drink.

For that day the organization has prepared a series of performances such as the flamenco show by Cristina Seguín, starting at 8 pm. At 8.30 pm it will be Ana Vélez’s turn, which will be followed by singer Zohra from 9 pm. The event will conclude with a performance by the Al Ijlas orchestra at 9.30 pm.

It is an initiative that will show once again, the harmony between which both communities live in Manilva and will serve to enrich them.


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