Growing vegetables on the Costa del Sol

Growing vegetables on the Costa del Sol



For a couple of years now I’ve been cultivating an allotment, nothing particularly grand, just 125 square metres of fertile soil that I rent just on the Casares side of the Rio Manilva.

There were a number of reasons for taking on this horticultural endeavour, the main ones being a need for some exercise, something which had no connection with my day-to-day work, and a desire not to waste the horticultural training acquired during my former life as an arboriculturalist, or tree surgeon in common terms.

I’ve very much enjoyed the hours spent on this little patch of sanctuary, and felt it might be of interest to some of our readers for me to chronicle my successes, and sometime failures, that go with allotment gardening in Spain.

This blog is not meant to be a guide as such to growing fruit and vegetables, merely a shared experience which might prove useful to some of you, and maybe inspire others to pick up a fork and hoe and grow some of their own produce.

Although not a guide I’m hoping that through these successes and failures I can build up a useful set of records which can help myself and others to plan their planting and decide which techniques work best in the area.

Over the coming weeks and months I will post regular updates of activity on the plot as well as add articles, photos and features on various aspects, techniques, etc.