Government Work with GFA on new stadium generates £16.5 million for sports...

Government Work with GFA on new stadium generates £16.5 million for sports development


Gibraltar Football StadiumHM Government of Gibraltar welcomes the GFA’s plans for the new Victoria Stadium. The Government has worked closely with the GFA to persuade UEFA to use this site for the development of Gibraltar’s first national football stadium.

The significant difference between the Government’s work and the plans proposed by other parties at the last election is that the final deal struck by HMGoG and the GFA has generated £16.5 million of Government capital revenue. This will be re-invested into the development of state of the art facilities for other sports in Gibraltar.

Welcoming the GFA’s announcement, the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said: “I wholeheartedly welcome the GFA’s announcement of the plans for Gibraltar’s new national football stadium, which is the result of months of hard work by Minister for Sport Steven Linares and the GFA in negotiation with UEFA. I am proud that by bringing football in Gibraltar to a modern, professional level we will also be able to invest £16.5 million in the development of other sports in Gibraltar. This is a very exciting time for Gibraltar’s entire sporting community.”


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