Gibraltar Gaels gaelic football team

Gibraltar Gaels gaelic football team


Gibraltar Gaels

Three Irish lads were sitting in the pub discussing the various merits of Gibraltar and the main conclusion that they came to was that despite its rich and varied history what Gibraltar really lacked was a Gaelic Football team.

And so the seed was planted and using a technique favoured by the Royal Navy press gangs of 250 years ago they began trawling the pubs looking for recruits. Fast forward a few weeks to a cold bleak Wednesday evening and the first training session took place. Afterwards everyone was pleased to note there were no casualties and then proceeded to the pub for restorative cordials.

The team now has a healthy sized squad and boasts over 25 members from a variety of backgrounds and it looks to be growing all the time. The club is keen to move forward and introduce Gaelic football to more and more people. Please be re-assured that although they do still recruit in the pubs they have dropped the press gang tactics.

They have also joined forces with some like minded individuals in other parts of Spain and have now formed the Andalusian Gaelic Football League with regular season fixtures along with one-off tournaments throughout the year.

The team meets every Wednesday for training at 8.30 on the La Linea Football pitches.

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