Fibre optic broadband plans for Manilva

Fibre optic broadband plans for Manilva


The Mayor of Manilva, Diego Urieta and Telefonica’s regional director, María Jesús Almazor, held a meeting to outline the company’s plans to expand the fibre optic network into Manilva, with work already under way on the FTTH (Fibre To The Home) infrastructure which should see availability of service later this year, allowing download speeds of 100 Mb and uploads of 10 Mb.

As well as benefitting domestic users the real impact will be on businesses, removing one of the biggest stumbling blocks to efficient operation for many self-employed, small and medium sized companies.

It was also announced that 4G mobile technology will be available to current subscribers at no extra cost, providing better coverage particularly within buildings as well as in rural areas.

Fibre optic broadband


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