Experience the Casares Passage of the Terror this Friday

Experience the Casares Passage of the Terror this Friday


On August 30 Casares celebrates one of the most anticipated events of the summer, the Passage of Terror. A terrifying tour that this year will have as its theme the Casares dungeons and the legend of the cruel Moorish king that gives his name to the Callejón del Rey.

Organised by the Municipal Theatre School and the Town Council of Casares, this year’s event will feature an urban tour with entry through Mazmorrillas Street and exit through Callejón del Rey, with a large number of local actors and scenes.

This edition of the Passage of Terror brings us to the Moorish era of Casares, when legend tells us that a cruel king ruled who tortured and murdered anyone who did not follow his orders:

«On Friday, August 30, 1570, several of his slaves tired of submitting to his orders, knowing their torture and the murder of innocents, decide to rise up and set fire from the dungeons to the area of ​​the castle just at the time when he was present. That night many people died, tremendous chaos reigned, there were people hanged, burned and tortured by the king’s servants. No one survived, not even the king and his relatives. Since then many souls wander in pain in every corner of these streets that we know as the callejón del Rey. And this October 30, 2019, as the anniversary of these disastrous events, we will revisit what happened that fateful night and reveal the truth… ”

The Passage of Terror takes place on Friday, August 30, starting at 9 pm. The organization expects 150 to 200 people to take part.


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