Cut out Glucose Fructose Syrup and avoid a sticky end

Cut out Glucose Fructose Syrup and avoid a sticky end


Foods high in glucose syrup

Have you ever tried to eat just one HobNob or Jaffa Cake and found the whole packet demolished before you know it? It may not be entirely to do with a lack of willpower.

There is a sugar substitute made from corn starch called HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in the US and glucose fructose syrup in the UK. It is widely used in the US in a wide variety of food products including biscuits, drinks, ice cream, yogurts, cakes, bread and soups and becoming increasingly integrated into foods the UK.

Although HFCS/ glucose fructose syrup contains around the same number of calories as sugar, it is thought that the body does not metabolise the syrup in the same way as sugar and that this can lead to weight gain. One study found that volunteers produced new fat cells around their heart, liver and other digestive organs. They also showed signs of food-processing abnormalities linked to diabetes and heart disease. Another group of volunteers on the same diet, but with glucose sugar replacing fructose, did not have these problems.

Common products containing Glucose Fructose Syrup include:Kellogg’s Cornflakes
Kellogg’s All Bran
Kellogg’s Rice Crispies
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
McVities HobNobs and Jaffa Cakes
Mullerice Apple and Mullerice Caramel
Yoplait Petits Filous
Coca Cola
…and many more…

Knowledge is power. Add glucose fructose syrup to your list of ingredients to watch out for and vote with your food choices.

Claudia Norris
Nutritional Therapist Dip(BCNH) MA(Hons)
Registered practitioner with the Nutritional Therapy Council (UK)
671 142 960