Ateneo de Manilva 2019 Award and Ateneo awards for Promising Young Talent

Ateneo de Manilva 2019 Award and Ateneo awards for Promising Young Talent


On December 7, as part of the celebration of “Saborea Manilva” festival, the 4th edition of the Ateneo de Manilva Prizes and the 2nd edition of the Ateneo Awards for Young Talent took place.

The event was well attended by the public and the local authorities, who collaborated with the Ateneo cultural association to stage the event, was presented by Carmen Sánchez Melgar and Dolores Loyzaga Martín, current vice-president of Ateneo with the awards sponsored by The Sabinillas Bookshop through its owner Steve Davies.

Mention must be made of the new member of the Ateneo Association, the painter and artist Sergio Morales and thanks go to him for his great collaboration.

The Ateneo prizes for promising young talent goes to:
Dance: Eva Hernández Delgado

Presented by the Deputy Mayor Diego José Jiménez

Painting: Hassania El Amali
Presented by the secretary of the Ateneo Dean Shelton.

Literature: Ana Isabel Andreu
Presented by the writer, vocal of the Ateneo and President of the Ateneo de Algeciras Juan Emilio Ríos Vera.

Music: Freyla Ledesma Mavaroska
Presented by the councillor for tourism Eva Galindo.

Theater: Daniel Cuevas Macías
Presented by the councillor for culture Alba Jiménez.

The 2019 Ateneo Prize was awarded to the journalist Gary Beaumont, resident in Spain for many years, for his collaboration, support and promotion of local culture through the newspaper The Resident, of which he is editor and director. The award was presented by the event sponsor, Steve Davies, owner of The Sabinillas Bookshop.

The Ateneo dedicated this event to the memory of the recently deceased young man, Abdessamad Elamali, who was the brother of the prizewinner in the painting category and who was much loved and valued by the people of Manilva, presenting his family with a trophy.

This was a very emotional act in which the whole family went up to receive it, with great applause from the audience evidencing the love and respect held for them by all the inhabitants of Manilva.

The trophy was presented by the President of the Ateneo de Manilva D. Ahmed Ksiri.


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