Any donation is welcome In the ‘Big Collection’

Any donation is welcome In the ‘Big Collection’


Interview with Rafael Mena, Coordinator of the ‘Big Collection’-Sabinillas Manilva.

On 28 and 29 November the ‘Big Collection’ will be held, a Food Bank charity event ‘Bancosol’ which  aims to improve the reserves of the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) which feeds thousands of people across the province of Malaga. On this occasion, local businessman, Rafael Mena, will coordinate the initiative in Manilva and Sabinillas in which the Social welfare department of the  Manilva Town Council is also actively involved.

What is the Big Food Collection?

It is an initiative of the nationwide Food Bank arising from the difficulties tens of thousands of families across the country are having. In the province of Malaga in general and on the Costa del Sol in particular, the economic crisis is  leaving many people badly in need and that is why getting involved in charity action of this nature is essential.

The purpose is to collect together boxes of supermarket food with the items that people buy specifically for this ‘Big Collection’. Any donation is welcome.

How this operation organized?

The ‘Big Collection’ takes many months of work and started around the end of last year. To be successful not only is the general public’s charity necessary, but also an immense logistical team that can shift all the food collected to Bancosol stores.

What kind of food or things are needed?

It t is true that the ‘Big Collection’ is mainly for food, however other materials such as cleaning products, especially for children and babies, are also welcome.  But what really matters is the food. As usual in this type of charity operation people should donate non-perishable products because many of them will be distributed in the coming months to families in need.

What do the general public have to do to donate food?

It’s simple. Volunteers will be in major supermarkets in the town. At the entrance they offer bags to customers in which to place their donation purchases. When leaving, and once they have paid, the bags of  donated food are returned to the volunteers for storage. Any contribution, however small is good and very important.

And if you want to volunteer what should you do?

We have organized groups in various companies and groups in Manilva and Sabinillas. However, if you wish to participate as a volunteer you should contact the organization through

Finally, what is the goal for this year?

It’s complicated. Last year all our expectations were surpassed and we collected so much food that we didn’t have enough storage boxes for it. With the current situation we cannot settle for less, so we ask you to help us exceed the figure of 2013 and, despite having more boxes this year, we want and welcome problems again with keeping so much food.



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