A Special Christmas in Casares with skating rinks and musicals in the...

A Special Christmas in Casares with skating rinks and musicals in the three urban centres


The Town Council of Casares presents a complete Christmas programme with specific programmes for Casares, Costa and Secadero, which highlights a large number of activities aimed at all ages.
The main novelty this Christmas is the skating rink that will spend three days in each nucleus of the municipality: from December 14 to 16 in the Jardines de Rosario in Casares Costa, from December 21 to 23 in the Plaza de la Paz in Secadero, and from December 28 to 30 in the Plaza Marcelino Camacho in Casares Town.
The Council have also arranged three musicals for Christmas, (Des)montando Disney can be seen in the municipal pavillion in Secadero on December 20 and the Cultural Centre of Casares on December 23. And in the Jardines de Rosario in Casares Costa you can enjoy the musical “El Guardián de los Sueños” on December 26th.
Another special day in Casares will be on Saturday, December 22 when hundreds of local residents enact the Living Nativity, which this year will feature a market from 11 in the morning until 9 at night that will end in the square with a Zambomba.
However, this year, joint activities for the whole municipality prevail, such as the cultural trip to Malaga on December 6, in which residents of the three centres will be able to enjoy the illuminations and the Christmas atmosphere.
The adults will also have a special space with Christmas parties set by the music of the beat duo, in Secadero on December 17, Costa on 18 and Casares on 19.
This Christmas there will also be activities such as the visit of Santa Claus to Casares Costa, the card collecting parties for the Magi, the dragging of cans from Secadero and the horseback riding of Kings, which in Casares will have a new format with floats and for the that a bus has been arranged from Costa.


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