13 marijuana plantations discovered and 23 people arrested during Guardia Civil operations...

13 marijuana plantations discovered and 23 people arrested during Guardia Civil operations across the western Costa del Sol


Marijuana arrestsGuardia Civil officers from Marbella have carried out a number of operations in Mijas, Estepona, Manilva and Casares leading to the arrest of 23 people, the discovery of 13 marijuana plantations, and the seizure of more than 120 kilos of marijuana and a quantity of other drugs.

In Mijas officers dismantled four indoor marijuana grow rooms, all located in family homes, and confiscated 47 kilos of the drug, 200 cannabis plants, plus a small amount of hashish and anabolic steroids. Eleven people of Spanish, Ukrainian, Argentinian, and Romanian nationality were arrested.

In Estepona agents located six plantations in isolated rural locations, arresting seven people, seizing 25 kilos of cannabis and 200 plants.

In Manilva a villa belonging to a criminal gang who cultivated and processed marijuana was raided, with 2 persons arrested and 14 kilos of cannabis, 80 plants, and equipment for the preparation of cannabis oil seized. A vehicle was also stopped and searched and was found to have a large amount of marijuana in the boot.

Finally, in Casares, two houses were raided in which plantations were discovered, including 600 plants and 25 kilos of marijuana.

According to a police spokesperson “these operations have been the result of several months of research, resulting in the considerable decline in the cultivation, processing and distribution of this type of substance on the west coast of the province of Malaga.”


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