The International Theatre Studio presents “Wife After Death”

The International Theatre Studio presents “Wife After Death”


The International Theatre Studio presents “Wife After Death” a Black Comedy by Eric Chappell at the Atalaya Park Hotel, Discoteca Mayoral on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th November at 8 pm and Sunday 16th November at 7 pm.

‘Wife After Death’ revolves around the funeral and cremation of comedian, Dave Thursby, a ‘national treasure’ loved by the public, and the repercussions of his death on family and friends.

Harvey Barrett has lost his best friend. Dave was hugely successful, a devoted husband to his wife, a model client for his agent and a staunch friend to his faithful gag writer, Harvey. There’s now a huge, aching void in their lives, and, worse still, some of them may be out of a job!

As they gather to give Dave a fitting send-off, it turns out they know rather less about him than they’d imagined and a series of revelations uncover some home truths about the much-loved comedy legend.

The author Eric Chappell has written numerous stage plays and screenplays since the seventies but is probably best known for TV sitcom ‘Rising Damp’.

Tickets are available from: HomeCare, C.C. Costasol; Cath’s Cards, Benavista; New Longmans Bookshop, Estepona; Viva, San Pedro or Telephone: 952 88 06 30 or 952 89 67 39 (eves/weekends).

Wife After Death


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