The Fleshtones at Louie Louie, Estepona

The Fleshtones at Louie Louie, Estepona


The Fleshtones

Latest show – Monday 10th February, 2014

Louie Louie’s Rock’n’Roll Bar in Estepona plays host to New York garage rockers ‘The Fleshtones’ on Wednesday January 16 from 10 pm. The Fleshtones rank as one of America’s most enduring musical forces. Crawling out from under New York City’s punk and new wave scenes in the mid-1970s, this gang of misfits dubbed their fuzzy yet danceable mix of guitars, Farfisa organ, old-school R&B, rockabilly and surf music as “Super Rock,” then watched contemporaries such as the Ramones, Talking Heads, R.E.M. and Blondie became stars. Topping out on the Billboard album charts at no. 174, the Fleshtones are still rocking 30 years on.

Tickets are 12 euros in advance or 15 euros on the door.