The Casares Zipline project gets the green light

The Casares Zipline project gets the green light


Casares ziplineThe Casares town hall has received the report from the Ministry of Culture giving the go ahead for the installation of a zip wire in Casares, a project the town hall has been requesting and which will be carried out with a grant from Tourism.

After the plenary session held earlier in the week, Councillor for Tourism, Rocio Ruiz, has informed the opposition groups of the news, and explained that the intention of the government team is to submit the project to the public who will decide by vote whether or not it goes ahead.

The report issued by the Ministry of Culture deems the second location selected by the town hall as acceptable, with arrival and departure stations located on the El Chaparral panoramic path area and “Las Peñuelas” at the end of Calle Molinos.

It specifies that being a readily removable mechanism, it’s installation is authorized for a renewable period of 3 years.

The development of this tourist attraction will involve the construction of two platforms, one for departure and another for arrival, conditioning the access areas, and the installation of 3 steel cables, two for the zip line and a third that will incorporate beacons to increase their visibility to avoid bird collisions.


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