Spanish government widens healthcare cover

Spanish government widens healthcare cover



As pledged in last year’s Healthcare Reform measures, this September the Spanish government announced guidelines for the new Convenio Especial (or Special Scheme).

The Convenio Especial is a public health insurance scheme through which those who don‘t have access to state-provided health-care can pay a monthly fee to get cover. This does not apply to state pensioners, workers, those who have exhausted unemployment benefits, those who registered as residents in Spain before 24.04.12, or their dependents as they should already have their own health cover.

The scheme will be nationwide, but managed by each autonomous region which will have the option of including different services over and above the basic package announced by the Government. Policy holders, including children, will pay on an individual basis and be able to receive access to public healthcare anywhere in Spain, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

The announced basic monthly fee will be 60€ for the under 65s and 157€ for those aged 65 or over. However, prescription costs are not subsidised so it is likely you would pay the full cost. Further information will soon be available from your local health centre.