Semana Santa processions in Manilva and Sabinillas

Semana Santa processions in Manilva and Sabinillas


Semana Santa

Here is the programme of processions for this year’s Semana Santa celebrations in Manilva and Sabinillas.

Manilva Processions – 2012

Palm Sunday – 1st April

10.45 am. Blessing of the palms and holy mass at the Santa Ana Church, Manilva.

12 noon. La Borriquita – Procession through the streets of Manilva.

Holy Tuesday – 3rd April

From 9 pm the Santa Ana church hosts Manilva’s “VII Noche de Exaltación a la Saeta” celebrating the traditional processional songs or ‘Saeta’.

Holy Wednesday – 4th April

11.00 pm Via Crucis procession starts from the church and proceeds through Calle Cuartel and El Camino del Calvario.

Maundy Thursday – 5th April

8.00 pm Mass in the the church.

11.30 pm Procession of Jesus of Nazareth.

Good Friday – 6th April

5.00 pm Adoration of the Cross.

6.30 pm Procession of “Santo Entierro” and Ntra Sra de los Dolores”.

12 midnight Procession “De la Soledad”. This procession is undertaken in strict silence.

Holy Saturday – 7th April

11.00 pm Blessing of the Flame in the church atrium and the Easter vigil.

Easter Sunday – 8th April

12 noon Holy mass followed by the procession of the “Santisimo Cristo Resucitado” and the “Santisima Virgen del Rosario A.M.D.G.”

Sabinillas Processions – 2012

Palm Sunday – 1 April

12.30 pm Blessing of the Palms in the Plaza Costa del Sol (fishermen’s square) Sabinillas followed by mass in the San Luis de Sabinillas church.

Holy Thursday – 5 April

10.00 pm Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) procession

Plaza de la Iglesia
Calle Marques de Larios
Calle Picasso
Calle Duquesa de Arcos
La Colonia

Good Friday – 6 April

10.00 pm Procession of “Cristo del Amor” and “Ntra Sra del los Dolores”

Plaza de la Colonia
Calle Duquesa de Arcos
Calle Picasso
Calle Marques de Larios
Plaza de la Iglesia

Saturday, 7th April

9.00 pm Easter vigil in the church, Sabinillas

Easter Sunday – 8th April

11.00 am Mass at the church, Sabinillas