‘Se Llama Copla’ musical

‘Se Llama Copla’ musical


On Friday, April 13 at 10 pm the musical ‘Se Llama Copla’ will be performed at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in Estepona.

The show, organized by Celebraciones Yedra Estepona, in collaboration with the Department of Culture, will feature performances by the five finalists of the first phase of the 5th edition of the musical talent competition on Canal Sur TV: Ana María Morales, Álvaro Díaz, Cintia Merino, Jonathan Santiago and Selina del Río, accompanied by an orchestra.

Tickets are 10 € and 25 € on sale in Celebraciones Yedra Estepona.

For further information or reservations call 639 35 21 85.