Salon Varietes presents Ray Cooney’s comedy ‘It Runs In The Family’

Salon Varietes presents Ray Cooney’s comedy ‘It Runs In The Family’



Ray Cooney’s hilarious West End comedy success “It Runs In The Family” directed by David Vincent and featuring some of your favourite Salon actors, takes place from Friday 25th to Wednesday 30th of January and is just what the doctor ordered to brighten up your January.

Set in the doctor’s common room of a London hospital three days before Christmas, the staff are preparing for the Christmas panto. But that is only the sideshow. As Dr. David Mortimore (played by David Vincent) is preparing a lecture that should guarantee him a knighthood and the hospital some badly needed funds, a former nurse bursts in with the news that their fling some 18 years and 9 months ago made Mortimore a father.

His daughter (emotionally highly strung and under arrest for driving under the influence) is downstairs, desperate to meet her long lost Dad. Lies pile on lies, as Dr Mortimore enlists his colleagues to deceive his wife, his boss, a police sergeant and even his newfound daughter. Sharp syringes, crashing wheelchairs, squirting soda syphons, doctors in nurse drag, and window ledge wrestling matches gear the farce into overdrive.

Early booking is advised for what is almost guaranteed to be a rollicking good laugh of a night out.

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