Sabinillas-Casares footbridge contract awarded (again)

Sabinillas-Casares footbridge contract awarded (again)



Casares Town Hall and the Plan Qualifica Consortium have awarded the contract to build the footbridge spanning the Rio Manilva between Sabinillas and Casares Costa to the engineering company EGOIN.

This time around only companies specialising in erecting large bridges of a laminated wood construction were invited to tender, this follows the failure of the previous company to carry out the contract which led to the postponement of the project.

Two companies put in a bid, with a third failing to get their offer in before the closing date.

The winning bid was for €85,789 and once the contract is signed the company will have a period of one month in which to start the works, after which they will be expected to complete the works within a further six weeks.


  1. When are the residents of Casares del Mar going to have a bridge from La Perla across the Rio to Casares del Mar. We have been promised this for many years. We are stranded with no prom and only have access across the beach (which can be cut off when the rain reaches the Rio – then we have no access whatsoever)! We have been promised a prom for years. When can we in Casares del Mar have some voice. We pay our Ibbi!! We pay all taxes we are a forgotton Urbanisation !!!! RMC

  2. Well it’s mid MAY now, does anybody know if there bridge has been built yet?
    And if not has the contractor even started??
    Who is the contractor? and where are they based? maybe a little public help will encourage them to finish and install the bridge.
    Summer is coming and it would be nice to walk from Casares to Sabinilles without crossing the river/beach.

  3. Well of course nothing has happened – perhaps the clue is in the name – big Egos in but nothing out.

    Apparently everyone is waiting for one signature, but who knows.

    It would be nice to be able to walk the length of the coastal walkway at some stage though.


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