Packed programme of events and activities for Estepona’s ‘Celebrate your Streets 2018’

Packed programme of events and activities for Estepona’s ‘Celebrate your Streets 2018’


Vives sus callesThe streets of Estepona’s historic old town centre will be the stage for this year’s ‘Celebrate Your Streets’ festival. Introduced a few years ago to mark the refurbishment of the town centre, the event will take place from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 March with a packed programme of events and activities including the popular Tapas Route, and a free concert by Spanish pop rock band La Unión.


Friday 9 March

10 am to 2 pm – Plaza Antonia Guerrero: VI Inter school Junior Team Chess Tournament and VI Secondary and Sixth Form Intercentre Chess Tournament.

7 pm – Plaza del Reloj: Ensemble di Giove presents “Il Giardino D’Amore”, byA. Scarlatti. Baroque serenade for two voices

8 pm – Plazoleta Ortiz: Musica and dance spectacular “The Rhythm of Beyonce” with Laura and Sara Perea and students.

8 pm – Plaza del Diario ABC: Standup comedy with the Municipal Theatre Group.

9 pm – Historic town centre: The IX Tapas Route commences. Elect the best tapa and participate in a draw with great prizes.
Saturday 10

Sábado 10

10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm – Plaza Antonia Guerrero: Andalucian Chess Open “Estepona vive sus Calles” and VI Malaga Provincial Chess Circuit.

12 noon to 6 pm – Plaza Augusto Suárez de Figueroa: Grand Children’s Party on the theme “The Olympics” with bouncy castles, workshops, entertainers, sporting exhibitions, etc.

1 pm – Plaza de Diario ABC: Flamenco Spectacular with Claudia Ramírez “La Maravilla” and her group.

2 pm – Historic town centre: IX Tapas Route continues.

5 pm – 8 pm: Historical Recreation and Romantic-Liberal Era Parade organized by the Historical Cultural Association “Torrijos 1831”, in collaboration with the social group “Estepona en el Alma”, in which over a hundred people will participate dressed in the style of 1831.
5 pm – C / Castillo: representation of the death of Salvador Manzanares.
5.30 pm – Plaza del Reloj: recreation of the arrival of the corpse of Manzanares and column of prisoners with escort of soldiers.
6.15 pm C / Santa Ana: Homage to Pedro Manrique next to his home.
6.30 pm – Corner of C / Real and C / Santa Ana: vintage parade to the old cemetery, stopping at Plaza de Las Flores, where the Manzanares corpse remained exposed for six days.
7.15 pm – Old Cemetery: homage to Manzanares in front of his tomb.
7.30 pm – Rio La Cala River: Recreation of the execution of the Liberals near the bridge.

Salvador Manzanares Fernández (Bretún, Villar del Río (Soria) January 18, 1788 – Estepona, March 8, 1831) was a Spanish liberal soldier.
He joined the army in 1805 and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Tudela during the War of Spanish Independence and sent to prison in France. He managed to escape and returned to Spain, again occupying different positions in the army. After the war, he was tried by the Inquisition Court as a Mason, so he was forced into exile in France until he could return in 1820.
With the return to absolutism after the intervention of the ‘hundred thousand children of San Luis’ in 1823, several expeditions of liberals are organized. Manzanares was based in Gibraltar, where he was a refugee, and after several unsuccessful attempts against La Linea de la Concepción and Algeciras, took Los Barrios on February 21, 1831 with the help of Tomás Benítez and Carlos Vincent de Agramunt. At the end of the same month he disembarked in Getares and put siege to Algeciras. Then he set course for Estepona, where he was captured and executed.

Pedro Manrique was a young Estepona member of the expedition of Torrijos, who died with him on the beaches in Malaga, in the executions of December 11, 1831, in defense of the Constitution promulgated by the Cortes de Cádiz of 1812.
Son of Juan Manrique and Paula López, he was born in Calle Santa Ana, very close to the popular Plaza de las Flores.
8 pm – Orchid House Botanic Park: Concert “Spring in Estepona” by the Province of Malaga Youth Orchestra (JOPMA) performing works by Bizet (Overture and Carmen, Suite 1), M. de Falla (Sombrero de tres picos) and J. Giménez (La boda de Luis Alonso).

10 pm – Calle Manuel Navarro Mollor: La Union in concert.

Sunday 11

12 noon to 6pm – Calle Real: VIII National Ham Cutters – Estepona “Popi” Trophy

12 noon – Plaza del Reloj: Music and dancing with the Estepona Town Band – The Rhythm of the Pasadobles.

1 pm – Plaza Antonia Guerrero: “The Flower Concert” by the García Fajer Foundation. The Fajer String Trio, comprising Desislava Karamfilova (violín), Irina Yonkova (viola) and Stamen Nikolov (violonchelo), interpret works by Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert and Gardel.

2 pm – Historic town centre: IX Tapas Route continues until midnight.


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