Marbella Rugby Club Christmas and New Year news

Marbella Rugby Club Christmas and New Year news


By Sarah King, Club Secretary

Marbella Rugby Club new kitNew kit with ex Marbella players Ignacio Molina (VRAC),
Jacobo Martin (Atlethic Madrid), Facundo Munilla (Toulon)
and Pablo Miejimolle (VRAC)

Christmas Party & Presentation of the new kit

On Saturday 21st December the club celebrated their Christmas Party where all the members were invited to a paella & cava to wish them all the best for Christmas & the New Year. During the party the Mayoress of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz came along to the club to officially open the new training ground & to view the new playing kit that has arrived for the 25th Anniversary of the club.

Marbella town hall has invested 60,000.00€ towards a new training pitch at the club which will help enormously as the club’s main pitch can now be relieved of some of the wear & tear of training during the week.

We would like to thank all the sponsors that have made it possible for the club to invest in a new kit to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the club & the welcome return of the club colours, blue & white:
Estrella Galicia

New kitMayoress Angeles Muñoz with club President Paco Garcia
& players in the new kit

Iceland Bag Packing

For the third year in a row Marbella Rugby Club volunteered their players, coaches & members to come down to the Overseas Supermarket, Iceland in Puerto Banus to help their customers with their Christmas shopping bag packing.

Marbella Rugby Club would like to thank all the customers & staff at Iceland, Puerto Banus for their help & donations to our players who helped with the bag packing from 16th – 24th December 2013.

This year we collected 3,404.02€ of which 680.80€ is to be donated to CUDECA (Cancer care Hospice)

Andalucia & Spain Training

U21 & U18 Andalucia

Andalucia have begun squad training for the Regional Championships of Spain that will take place throughout February & March. Marbella Rugby Club will be represented with the following players:
U21 – Daniel Camarero & Gianluca Pesaresi
U18 – Jaime Ross, Javier Garcia de la Peña, Oscar Garcia de la Peña, Henry Parry, Sam Parry, Alexander Cruz, Ryan Edwards, Marco Spinetti, Toby Francis, Manuela Silva, Augusto Nuñez & Christian King

U17 & U16 Spain

From 2nd – 5th January 2014 the U17 & U16 Spanish squads met up in Toledo to begin their selection process for the 2014 Stage FIRA & Cross Border competitions that will take place later this year. from Marbella we were represented with the following players:
U17 – Alexander Cruz, Toby Francis, Javier Garcia de la Peña & Marco Spinetti
U16 – Alex Burnett, Ben Gold, Ben King, Tomas Munilla, Adrian Noriega & Ricardo Oliva

Orange Tournament & Friendlies in Valladolid

Marbella Rugby clubU16 Spain representatives – Adrian Noriega, Tomas Munilla,
Ricardo Oliva, Alex Burnett, Ben Gold & Ben King

This weekend saw our U14s, U16s & U18s travel to Valladolid to take part in the Orange Tournament & some friendly matches. We would like to thank VRAC club in Valladolid for hosting our players in their houses over the weekend & to Marbella town hall for all their help with the buses.

Orange Tournament – 4th
Oviedo 0 Vs 21 Marbella, Gasteiz 0 Vs 42 Marbella, Cisneros 5 Vs 0 Marbella, El Salvador 28 Vs 0 Marbella
VRAC A 10 Vs 10 Marbella A, VRAC B 10 Vs 10 Marbella B

Orange Tournament – 2nd
Oviedo 0 Vs 7 Marbella, Majadahonda 0 Vs 28 Marbella, VRAC 0 Vs 3 Marbella, Gaztedi 7 Vs 0 Marbella
VRAC A 7 Vs 0 Marbella A, VRAC B 19 Vs 15 Marbella B

Castilla Leon 20 Vs 5 Marbella, El Salvador 17 Vs 7 Marbella, VRAC 12 Vs 7 Marbella