Major bush fire hits Manilva’s El Hacho area

Major bush fire hits Manilva’s El Hacho area


El Hacho fire

A bush fire in the El Hacho region of Manilva, on the hill behind Puerto de la Duquesa, led to the evacuation of some 40 properties whilst the emergency services fought the blaze.

The fire began at around 11 am on Saturday 25 May and soon spread in the strong westerly wind and took the efforts of two helicopters, five fire appliances and various regular firemen along with specialist bush fire teams to bring it under control at about 3 pm.

Local residents were permitted to return to their properties at around 4 pm, and initial reports suggested that there was little or no damage to property, although some 5 hectares (12.5 acres) of scrubland was burnt by the fire.

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