Jellyfish – There’s an app for that

Jellyfish – There’s an app for that


InfomedusaInfoMedusa is a mobile application, developed in both iOS and Android, which reports on the activity of jellyfish on the beaches of Malaga.

The increase in jellyfish in recent years on the beaches of the province of Malaga is a concern for both bathers and employers in the tourism sector. This initiative began to take shape in June 2013 and since then has provided information and prevention, including an application for mobile devices, InfoMedusa, which warns users of the presence of these pests, their numbers, variety and potential danger, to avoid annoying stings.

InfoMedusa is backed by a network of local observers spanning the Malaga coast, who update the application, including public chat in which anyone with the application can collaborate with their commentary on local conditions.

The app provides information on individual beaches throughout the Province and as well as jellyfish reports it also has reports on weather and sea conditions along with information about what to do if stung.

The app can be downloaded for free from and can be found on the App Store or Google Play Store.


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