Four new works for Estepona’s ‘Poetry Route’

Four new works for Estepona’s ‘Poetry Route’


Poetry Route

Estepona Old Town’s Poetry Route now boasts fifteen poems with the addition this week of four new ceramic plaques bearing works by German poet Rainer María Rilke, Polish Nobel Literature Prize winner, Wislawa Szymborska, French author Víctor Hugo, along with William Shakespeare.

The Ruta de la Poesia is an initiative by the town’s cultural department which is both decorative at the same time as providing cultural stimulus to both visitors and residents alike.

The plaques feature classic works from these important literary figures in their original language with a Spanish translation, and join existing pieces by Nicolás Fernández Moratín, Andrej Sládkovic, Manuel Alcántara, Antonio Machado y Yolanda Aldón.

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