Estepona town hall announces a saving of a million euros in fuel...

Estepona town hall announces a saving of a million euros in fuel costs since 2011


Police cars esteponaEstepona has saved more than a million euros in fuels costs according to a statement by the local council’s finance department. According to councillor Manuel Aguilar the fuel bill for the municipal fleet has been reduced from 264,000 euros in 2011 to just 60,000 euros in 2015, and was given as another example of how to manage public resources effectively and responsibly.

Among the measures included control of vehicle use by council employees, particularly ensuring that they vehicle were not used outside of working hours. The acquisition of seven hybrid vehicles for the local police force has led to a saving of 2,400 litres of fuel, as well as reducing exhaust and noise pollution in the town.

These savings can be added to the more than 900,000 euros reduction in energy costs thanks to the energy efficiency plan and the 1.7 million euros in phone costs.

“All these savings can be directed to works of value to the local population such as the remodeling of the old town and other public projects” concluded Councillor Aguilar.


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